UpsideDownFoot Process

Discovery Stage

In order to create the best marketing tool for you, we must fully understand who you are and research your industry and business model. We must know exactly who your competitors and target markets are. We then establish goals, create strategies and implement the tactics to achieve those goals.

During the initial meeting our team meets your team, and based on the project needs, specific Client WireFrames are delivered.

Client WireFrames

In order to reduce as much communication noise as possible we have developed custom Client WireFrames for all of our services. By asking pinpointed questions about the business and industry, the client gets a chance to tell us all about their business. After all, nobody knows that specific industry and business then the client. Client WireFrames are the foundation on which each project will be built. Think of it like the blueprint for a house. You want to build a strong foundation on which you can easily add and remove features are you go.

We use WireFrames for: Websites, Logos, PhoneApps, PPC Campaigns, Social Media and Graphic Design.

Once the Client WireFrames are finished we go into the design stage.

Design Stage

This is the stage where your project begins to take shape. Starting with the logo, to the website color scheme and sidebars all the way to how the links will look.

Programming and Implementation Stage

Whereas the Design Stage shows you what it will look like, the Programming Stage is what transforms that non-clickable .jpg into a website. Crunching code is no joke and if you are not a professional don’t try it at home. Everything from HTML, PHP, JQuerry, Java and Flash to JSon, WordPress, Joomla and iFrame we can do. There is a science behind the madness but we won’t get into details.

When programming is done, we will show you the end product and we’ll thoroughly test it.

Then, we…

Launch and Maintain

Just launching an awesome website or marketing campaign is not enough. Maintaining a website is a vital part in keeping users coming back. Equally important with maintaining it is testing and tracking. From the second it launches we are tracking and reporting everything happening on your website. We’ll know how many people were on the site at any time of the day, how did they get there, how long they stayed and what did they do while visiting your website.